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Why This Book Matters:

What Every Body is Saying helps readers understand their body language and how to interpret the body language of others.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Body language always tells the truth.
    1. If The way the body moves while someone is speaking shows their true intention.
  2. Our faces aren’t honest.
    1. We have been trained since childhood to mask our true emotions shown through our facial expressions; therefore, the legs and the feet are the most honest parts of the body.
  3. Hands are telling.
    1. How someone moves their fingers or where they place their hands can tell you their level of comfort.
  4. You can easily spot when someone is not telling the truth.
    1. The body has a need to twitch or shake to comfort the body after a high-stress situation such as lying.
  5. Practice makes perfect when it comes to reading body language.
    1. It takes time to develop the skill of reading body language. There are many factors, including individual behaviors and the ways people usually act that factor into someone’s personal body language.

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