The Total Money Makeover Book Summary (PDF) by Dave Ramsey

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Why This Book Matters:

The Total Money Makeover explains to readers how they can take control of the finances of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The trust you have in your finances is misplaced.
    1. If Even if you feel financial security, you could afford to make and save a bit more money.
  2. Being in debt is not a reality you have to live.
    1. Many believe that it is impossible to live within their means, but it is not valid.
  3. Creating a better situation for your finances starts with building a rainy day fund.
    1. Having a little extra in case of emergency is an excellent place to start when trying to achieve a more secure financial position.
  4. The next steps you should take include getting rid of your debts and building that rainy day fund.
    1. The sooner you can work your way out of debt, the sooner you can contribute money to a future emergency.
  5. Invest in your future.
    1. Don’t allow your future finances to scare you. Plan for your future by planning your finances.

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