The Biology of Belief Book Summary (PDF) by Bruce H. Lipton

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Why This Book Matters:

The Biology of Belief explains the faults in The Theory of Evolution, helping readers understand an alternative approach to their biology.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Coexistence should be at the core of our belief system when considering how we have evolved.
    1. If Lamarck theorized before Darwin that organisms attempt to help themselves, not compete with others.
  2. How cells act has nothing to do with the nucleus and more to do with the membrane.
    1. Several separate operations contribute to a cell’s function.
  3. It is possible that genes do not play the ultimate factor in how we develop.
    1. Genes are dependent on proteins to determine what genes will be dominant.
  4. It is dangerous to have such outdated beliefs about our biology.
    1. The outcome of medical treatment, especially medicine, is dependent on the individual, not the condition.
  5. Our existence today will not be our only existence.
    1. We are composed of our surroundings, and there is evidence that our existence is forever.

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