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Why This Book Matters:

Creativity Inc. underlines the importance of the people and their ideas within a team to create the most success.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Having power structures within a company prevents honest critique for the company.
    1. If If workers feel like others have more power, they are less likely to express their opinions concerning the company.
  2. When people are scared of failing, they will never achieve change.
    1. People are scared of things changing because they are scared of not being able to learn something new adequately.
  3. Higher-ups must not look at themselves as perfect and always consider the opinions of their workers.
    1. Instead of automatically shutting down what others have to say because it does not match your opinion, open yourself up to the possibility that what you believe isn’t the only way of looking at things.
  4. Your workers will perform better if they feel like they are aiding in mutual success.
    1. Even abstract goals can lead employees to strive for perfection.
  5. Individuals are the most important factor for any team.
    1. It isn’t the ideas or the strategies that will make a good team, it is the people.

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