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Why This Book Matters:

The Wealth of Nations summarizes the main contributing factors for a society to progress, such as division of labor, self-interest, and free market.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The division of labor causes increased productivity and opens a market of specializations.
    1. If This market is where people can thrive and trade in their respective crafts.
  2. Gold and silver are not the nation’s true measure of wealth.
    1. Nations have to focus on providing tradable goods to progress.
  3. Labor is integral in producing marketable materials or services.
    1. An individual can capitalize on work and generate revenue.
  4. Self-interest benefits trading and capitalization.
    1. Increased capital investments create more income for the entire nation.
  5. For maximum growth, the government should facilitate a free market.
    1. The government should limit its responsibility for regulating commerce and trade.

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