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Why This Book Matters:

The Soul of an Octopus teaches readers about the depth of knowledge octopuses have despite their negative reputation as monstrous sea creatures.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Octopuses have been portrayed as these unfathomable creatures of the sea, but in reality they are smart animals who are always exploring for their answers.
    1. If Cultures have portrayed octopuses as scary monsters, but they are so much more.
  2. The biological factors of octopuses are fascinating.
    1. Octopuses have the ability to switch up their colors to make their lives in the ocean possible.
  3. Octopuses have personalities.
    1. Like humans, octopuses have social preferences that give them fairly distinct personalities.
  4. Octopuses’ eyes are more than they seem.
    1. Though they seem similar to human eyes, octopuses have the ability to see a larger span of space at one time.
  5. Despite their portrayal in storybooks, octopuses are truly amazing.
    1. Octopuses are some of the most complex animals and should be recognized as such.

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