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Why This Book Matters:

The Second Sex explains how women are often viewed as the inferior sex and how they are expected to uphold traditional values that allow men to take the lead.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Females are different from men, but that doesn’t mean they should be seen as lesser in society.
    1. If The biological argument of why men are superior to women does not hold up no matter the way you spin it.
  2. Society was not always dominated by men.
    1. Many prehistoric societies viewed women as the most important asset because they could carry children and create new life.
  3. A need for physical power grew as the world settled.
    1. The societal ideas of marriage further back the notion that women are inferior to men and belong in a supporting role.
  4. Though women are achieving more power in society, they are still placed below men when assessing their value.
    1. Despite the power a woman holds, her ideas and values are often less valued than those of a man.
  5. Women are shaped from birth to be a perfect “Other.”
    1. The idea that women are the “Other” in society is furthered by the ideas women are taught from birth.

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