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Why This Book Matters:

The Road to Character explains how in a materialistic society, it is still possible to acquire spiritual and moral satisfaction by working on one’s values.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. We, as a society, are giving more importance to appearance than necessary.
    1. If People regularly become famous based only on their appearance.
  2. In order to fulfill our personal desires, our society has absorbed abnormal values in the way one looks.
    1. People are not secretive about their desire, instead putting it out there for everyone to see.
  3. Pleasure is hidden among ethical values.
    1. We have come to a point where a vast majority of society believes that giving everything to fulfilling their desire is normal.
  4. It does not take long to fall after claiming perfection.
    1. Humans are equal and mistakes are normal.
  5. Good things are to come to those put pride aside.
    1. A person who is willing to sacrifice his pride will be able to achieve success because they are successfully moral.

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