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Why This Book Matters:

The Prince explains to readers the dimensions a prince needs to become a successful leader.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. A prince must encourage a sense of togetherness and community while keeping an eye out for those who will challenge your power.
    1. If A prince must show those he rules over that he has their best interest at heart while protecting himself.
  2. A state can either be easy to obtain and hard to control or vice versa.
    1. It is up to the prince to decide how he wishes to rule a principality.
  3. Obtaining a new state to rule leans on wealth and righteousness.
    1. Whether a prince takes over a state through force or naturally, a combination of wealth and righteousness is necessary for success.
  4. Being evil or having overwhelming support are just a couple of ways of becoming a prince.
    1. There are right and wrong ways to use badness in ruling a state.
  5. A mind made for war is a necessity for any prince.
    1. The ability to lead a nation through war is necessary for a successful prince.

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