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Why This Book Matters:

Spin Selling discusses the author’s research on how to obtain guaranteed sales.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. There are four key components to completing a sales pitch successfully.
    1. If Investigations can be the biggest deal-breaker, so ensure that you research properly.
  2. Closing a pitch is not the most important factor in the sales pitch.
    1. Realize that a sales pitch is not an instant win or lose situation, but something that evolves.
  3. Help your clients discover what they need if they do not know just what they need.
    1. Acknowledge implied signs and make them clearer to convince your client that you have the answers.
  4. The SPIN strategy stands for situation, problem, implication, and need-payoff.
    1. Use these four components together to lay out a convincing plan for your client.
  5. Avert client oppositions from ever happening.
    1. Use the SPIN steps to lead a client into sharing their desires explicitly.

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