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Why This Book Matters:

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone discusses what issues are often confronted in the majority of therapy sessions and the benefit of talking things through.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The issues people face often go deeper than once perceived.
    1. If The problems a patient usually leads with is rarely the only issue in their life.
  2. It is common for people to think of their problems in a way that they’ve been taught.
    1. Therapy is often a time for people to rewrite the narrative of how they perceive the problems in their lives.
  3. People are quick to hide from their problems.
    1. Confrontation is a difficult task, and it is a therapist’s job to see through the fronts that people put up in their defense.
  4. Commonly, the focus of therapy is on mending and coping with fractured relationships.
    1. A connection is one of the strongest desires a human has. It is typical for loss and lack of connection to be the central theme in many therapy sessions.
  5. Meaning is one of the strongest drivers of people; therefore, therapy often helps people renavigate their purpose in life.
    1. A lack of meaning in life causes a sense of emptiness, and learning how to regain that meaning in life is another common them in therapy.

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