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Why This Book Matters:

Man’s Search for Meaning shares the experiences of Viktor Frankl’s time in Auschwitz to help readers learn how to get through the unthinkable.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. For most prisoners, the trip to Auschwitz was met with a range of emotions.
    1. If Many wanted to believe the outcome of Aushwitz would be good before they were met with the reality of the situation, shifting them their feelings to fear.
  2. Becoming indifferent to their situation allowed prisoners to change their mindset to one that would help them survive.
    1. Keeping emotions buried after witnessing others being tortured and killed was used as a survival tactic for many prisoners.
  3. It was hard for those who left Auschwitz to return to a normal life.
    1. Going back to a life that was normal, both physically and emotionally, was very difficult for those who survived Auschwitz.
  4. A standard tool for survival was focusing on the past.
    1. To escape the brutal reality of Auschwitz, many had to focus on a world within their mind. They often replayed memories and dreamt of a normal future.
  5. Even with little power, some prisoners still made small choices for themselves to mimic a sense of control.
    1. With every freedom taken away from the prisoners of Auschwitz, some felt they needed to make every decision based on their values when allowed to choose.

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