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Why This Book Matters:

How to Read Literature Like a Professor teaches readers how to use the obvious story to find the underlying meaning.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Symbolism, recollection, and repetition all play a part in creating a memorable story.
    1. If An avid reader will keep their eyes peeled for the moments that mean something a little more while reading a story.
  2. An adventure is under the surface of many stories,
    1. Though a story may not be an apparent journey, there are many lessons to be learned through everyday stories with extraordinary meaning.
  3. Stories are retold in part, time and time again.
    1. Ideas and themes will always be repeated throughout books.
  4. Where a story takes place influences how we see the events of a story.
    1. The setting of a story dictates some of how you feel about the story. Where a story takes place often holds a lot of weight regarding its meaning.
  5. Irony is a literary tool that changes the boundaries of what you once knew.
    1. Realizing irony in a story is one of the final methods to truly understanding literature.

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