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Why This Book Matters:

How To Change Your Mind introduces readers to the idea that psychedelic drugs have several healing benefits beyond the cliche of a “magical” experience.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The “truth” about psychedelic drugs has changed.
    1. If Science is becoming more understanding of psychedelic drugs and their benefits.
  2. Many psychedelics naturally occur.
    1. Psychedelics, at their core, are organic substances.
  3. The environment drives the experience of psychedelic drugs.
    1. People should try to take psychedelic drugs in comfortable spaces, free of negativity. Having a guide during your trip is encouraged.
  4. The cliches may lead you to believe that psychedelics are some impossibly magical experience.
    1. However, the experience of psychedelics can be truly transformative.
  5. Psychedelics can change the way people look at the world.
    1. Some psychedelic drugs have even been introduced to terminally-ill patients, as well as those recovering from addiction, to help them rediscover their outlook on life.

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