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Why This Book Matters:

Bringing Up Be’Be’ tells the success story of French parenting as it facilitates the idea of parents guiding their children’s life plans.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. When a baby cries, the parent doesn’t have to be concerned every single time.
    1. If Crying doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby has a problem.
  2. Training your kid what to eat is an important part of raising a healthy child.
    1. When it comes to food, parents should help their children form good eating habits.
  3. It is necessary to follow proper routines when eating.
    1. If a baby has a habit of eating meals on time, he would be possessing strength, discipline, and a fully-active life.
  4. Parenting doesn’t demand self-negligence, so one should pay attention to themself as well.
    1. While raising your child, you must also work on yourself to give your child a positive role model focused on happiness.
  5. Sometimes it is necessary to refuse your kid so he/she can learn how to live without.
    1. Kids make demands often. As a parent, you are not obliged to say “yes” to all of them.

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