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Why This Book Matters:

Braiding Sweetgrass discusses the precious relationship between nature and humans.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The author was raised on a Native American reserve and thus was exposed to two completely different societies.
    1. If Nature provides for humans, so humans need to do their duty and give back to nature.
  2. The declining amount of sweetgrass reflects Native American history in the United States.
    1. The sacred plant is becoming increasingly difficult to find due to invasive European plant species.
  3. The relationship between Mother Earth and people should be based on mutuality and appreciation.
    1. With the factory use of non-renewable resources, there is not mutuality as the resources in nature are being depleted.
  4. We must be one with nature to preserve a sustainable environment.
    1. For example, plant trees to offset some of the effects caused by deforestation.
  5. By using conventional methods, we can offset some of the damage we have caused to nature.
    1. The Three Sisters technique is a conventional method used by Native Americans that can be applied in our society, as well.

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