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Why This Book Matters:

Behind the Beautiful Forevers paints a vivid picture of the corrupted slums of Annawadi.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The balance in Annawadi is delicate.
    1. If Even the smallest disagreement can make one’s life in the slum change forever.
  2. Annawadi is not physically safe for people to reside.
    1. The conditions of the slum are dirty and disease-ridden.
  3. Rights are nearly non-existent in the slums.
    1. People in the slums have no right to human decency at all, and the script is often flipped so that the victim of a bad situation is targeted as the root cause of the problem.
  4. The people of Annawadi are often exploited, while the corrupt officials sour the programs meant to enhance their lives.
    1. Annawadis are prevented from bettering their lives by Annawadi officials who take far more than they give.
  5. Bribery runs rampant in Annawadi from elections to medical care.
    1. The simplest of motivation can affect the entire slum by swaying the most influential people in the slum.

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